HELL, Michigan teams writer Dan (Firestorm, Bloodhound, JSA: The Liberty Files) Jolley with artist Clint (Belladonna, Voltron) Hilinski to tell a story of horror in small town America...

...where the horror is the town.

Vampires, werewolves, flesh-eating zombies... You won't find any of them in the sleepy mid-western town of Hell, Michigan. But everyday citizens of Hell face something far worse. Something they can't see, but that is all around them. Something they can't touch, but that reaches through their very souls.

Few realize what is really happening, and fewer still can resist the infernal temptations the town offers. It is up to those few strong-willed souls to save who they can, and to seek out other strong-willed individuals, luring them to HELL in hopes that the resistance can grow.

But to the evil town of Hell, these resistance fighters are nothing more than an "infestation of good"—a cancer to be cut out—and the rest of its citizens are nothing but a fuel for its fires.

And as the population dwindles, Hell's power grows.

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